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Events 2020

21 / 22. Feb. Metzgete & Jassfinal Legion Hall Milverton

19. April Theater in Wellesley                                     canceled- corona

31. May Brunch (Chörli) Rec. Complex Milverton           canceled    

21.Juni  Choerli  Nachmitag                                        canceled

12/ (19.) July Motorcycle Tour (Walter Burkhardt)

26. July Bundesfeier, Monkton                                    canceled

  6. Sept. Seniorentreff (Musik)                                 canceled

12. Sept Jodler Stubete Rec. Complex Milverton     canceled

  7. Nov. Generalversammlung Legion, Milverton     canceled

21. Nov. Konzert Swiss Farmer Band Rec. Complex Milverton  canceled


Liebe Mitglieder, Dear Friends,

In the first week of November the  committee usually prepares for

our annual meeting. But this yearis not the “usual” kind!

Therefore, instead of an invitation, this year we send you just a

little bit of information aboutwhat's going on.

First of all: we hope this note finds you well and healthy! The second wave

of this virus has us all on edge, but so far we have not heard of anyone

from our Swiss community falling ill to it. Let’s hope we can still say the

same in the spring! To reach that goal we all have to be careful and limit

what we do.For this reason, and also because of government restrictions

there won’t be a General Meeting or any other events for the rest of this

year, and almost certainly until spring of 2021.

Our cashier Brigitte Bieri made the year end report as per end of

September,but it will have to be audited; and will be presented at the next

general meeting.

The committee has also decided that we will not ask for membership fees

this year, since no events could be held. For anyone who has paid ahead,

we will count that for the next payable year.

We have been sending emails out when we had information to share and

we will continue to do it that way. If you know of anyone that would like to

sign up foremail, please send a note to

With the evenings getting longer at this time of the year and not being able

tomeet in groups, perhaps we can use the phone a little more often to visit

with each other!

And you can always reach out to us with an email or a phone call.

Best wishes and stay well!

November 3rd 2020

The Swiss Club Committee

Urs Egli 595-2456, Hansueli Sturzenegger, 526-7381

Kathy Hostettler 347-2325, Marianne Trachsel 226-303-4444

Brigitte Bieri 356-2127, Paul Mueller 595-4813, Lydia Habegger 595-8446

Upcoming Events



Attention High School Students

Are you looking for an opportunity to complete your volunteer community service hours?? Let anyone of us know, we would love to have you give us a hand at any event and sign your paperwork in return!! Achtung Schüler: Bis Du auf der Suche nach einer Gelegenheit, Deine Freiwilligen-Community-Service-Stunden zu vervollständigen? Lass es jemand von uns wissen, wir würden uns freuen, wenn du bei einem Anlass von uns mithelfen wuerdest! Mir unterschreiben fuer deine Arbeitsstunden!! 

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