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Events 2022

                       Metzgete & Jassfinal Legion Hall Milverton 

                       Brunch (Chörli) Rec. Complex Milverton            

                       Choerli  Nachmitag                                        

                       Motorcycle Tour (Walter Burkhardt)

31. July  22    Bundesfeier, Monkton      WE HOPE SO                              


                      Jodler Stubete Rec. Complex Milverton     

                      Generalversammlung Legion, Milverton     

                      Konzert Swiss Farmer Band Rec. Complex Milverton 

 October 20 2021

Dear Friends,

We hope this letter finds you well and that you enjoyed a good and healthy summer!

Once again we are writing to let you know that there will not be a General meeting this year.

Even though things look a little better right now, there are still enough restrictions to make it rather unpleasant. Also there are too many non vaccinated members that would not be allowed to attend, to make it a fair meeting. Therefore, after discussing our options, we decided to postpone it one more time.

All the members of the committee have agreed to stay on for now. However, to avoid an exodus by November 2022, we have been discussing the possibility of replacing two members before then. If things improve fast, perhaps an extraordinary General meeting could be called before next fall.

Again this year we are not asking for the membership fee. There is only a small loss for the past year, as insurance etc. has to be kept up.

We are sorry for the children, but so far we are not planning a Samichlaus afternoon and we will let you know when we are going to be able to gather again.

For the funerals of members who died during this time we changed the flowers to donations. While visitations were restricted and funerals often postponed, a donation seemed to make more sense. We are sorry that this left some people wondering were the Swiss flowers were. We will bring it up at the next GM to be discussed and perhaps changed again.

Fam. Zuber in Stratford has many books to give away. (Mondo, Silva, etc.)

Any one interested please call: 519-273-4246

Thank you for your patience, and if anyone has suggestions and input, please let us know. We wish you a safe and healthy winter and hope for a better 2022!

The Swiss Club Committee

Urs Egli 595-2456, Hansueli Sturzenegger, 526-7381

Kathy Hostettler 347-2325, Marianne Trachsel 226-303-4444

Brigitte Bieri 356-2127, Lydia Habegger 595-8446, Egon Schumacher

519 270 9225

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Attention High School Students

Are you looking for an opportunity to complete your volunteer community service hours?? Let anyone of us know, we would love to have you give us a hand at any event and sign your paperwork in return!! Achtung Schüler: Bis Du auf der Suche nach einer Gelegenheit, Deine Freiwilligen-Community-Service-Stunden zu vervollständigen? Lass es jemand von uns wissen, wir würden uns freuen, wenn du bei einem Anlass von uns mithelfen wuerdest! Mir unterschreiben fuer deine Arbeitsstunden!! 

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